Friday, March 18, 2011

t's fourth day-Part I

The fourth day turned out to be the main event. With two days behind us and a good night's rest, i think W/we were in for some new experiences. W/we lounged around most of the morning after having a breakfast i made for everyone finished up. Mistress went to go take a shower and i went and joined Her to discuss some of Her ideas and thoughts in shower. At first, Mistress felt that the activity that has occurred was great and that if W/we did nothing else, She would feel good. After talking some more, She was getting hornier and hornier. i think She was unaware how open i was to pleasing Her and making Her fantasies come true.

So it all started with a round of "Strip Rock Band". Mistress loves Rock band and wanted to see some competition amongst Her subs. The deal was that whoever scored lowest on a song would have to remove an item of clothing. If Mistress was the lowest, than She would get to choose. If it was a tie, Mistress would choose. So basically, play your best but ultimately Mistress would choose. To hint at what was to come the rest of the weekend, we put the two queen sized mattresses on the living room floor so that W/we would have a extra large play/sleep area big enough for everyone.

The games then began. i lost the first song, leading to me taking off my shirt. As a reward, Mistress then made out with t.  t. lost the second song leading to the loss of his shirt and an additional penalty of humiliation-he had to suck my nipples. Next to go was my belt. This time Mistress decided She wanted to make out with me.(Remember She makes the rules).  The third song was a tie and and She made both of us remove an item(his belt and my pants, leaving me in a purple things. t. had to suck my nipples again as a yummy replay for Mistress.

By now Mistress was getting very turned on and i could tell She was ready to start raising up the ante. i lost another song leaving me to remove my purple thong and completely naked. i knew that soon the game wasn't going to matter and it was going to be a Mistress directed bi-live-action-porn. t. lost the next song. This time was a double whammy. Not only was t. going to have remove another item but.....


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the recount of events. Sounds so hot! Can't wait to read more but shame on you for this cliffhanger haha!

  2. Mistress L-

    i apologize for drawing out the story. It's just so good, i don't want to rush through it.

    Thank you so much for your continued reading.

  3. All of these posts about T are so intense and hot. Thank you for sharing all the details here for us. It puts a smile on my face and turns me on, especially to know it was all so very real.

    I can't wait to hear about the rest of his visit!!!

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  6. Miss Christina-

    Thank you for reading and the follow. Writing these posts gets me all hot a bothered all over again.

  7. You are welcome.

    I read all your posts :) I just don't always comment because I usually read from my blackberry and the commenting is sort of a pain on there.

    I had been trying to follow some blogs recently, but when I was logged into the right blogger account it was showing my vanilla picture which goes with another log on and I could not figure out I gave up and decided to try another computer and it worked!

    I bet you are hot and bothered, probably makes you leak like crazy to re count all this! And I am sure it makes Mistress hot too!

    its so nice to know that someone can just get on a plane and fly to see someone just like that. I hope one day my dreams come true and a certain someone can just get on a plane and stay on it and come see me :). I am sure it will happen when the time is right, but it would be nice sooner than later.

    No plans are even made right now, which is hard on me, but getting him truly well and on his feet is most important to me.