Monday, March 14, 2011

t's third day

The third day was not as exciting as the second but more about connecting than anything else. W/we spent the day together showing s. the area and just hanging out. By the evening time W/we went to dinner and got pizza. When W/we cam back, things went from vanilla to D/s in 5th gear. i went outside to walk the dogs and go to the bathroom to come back and fins Mistress and t. curled up on the couch. She was sitting up and he was kneeling in front of Her with nothing other than panties. i was instructed to take my clothes off up to my panties and sit on the love seat and watch. Wow! Front row seat to seeing my Mistress get it on. She would press Her eager face against his and casually sneak Her hand onto his hard cock over his panties and stroke. It was so hot. i never realized how much i enjoyed watching Her be pleasured. i naturally wanted to join in but was not invited. After a little while, She gestured to have me take his place and have him stand aside. After planting a hot & wet kiss on Her She pulled my ear close to Her mouth and whispered something that made my heart skip a beat.

"i want to fuck him!", She said.

"Do You want to feel his cock inside of You?", i asked

"YESS!!", she whispered with intensity.

"You have my blessing. i want You to fuck him and take him like Your fantasies"

Well, that about put Her over the edge right there. W/we kissed and then She decided it was time to cool things off for a bit. W/we all watched a movie together and She was feeling tired. Considering the past two nights had been lacking sleep, it was good W/we all just went to bed to rest up for some intense play.

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