Sunday, March 6, 2011

t's Second Day-Part I

It definitely seems that the first night was a warm up of what was about to come(cum?). Unfortunately for me, i had to spend a long day at work that day and felt very disconnected to the events going on at home. Mistress was able to take a 1/2 of a day off of work to be with t. and spend some quality time, but i would not be able to return until 8pm that night. my online chats with Mistress and t were sporadic throughout the day but not as frequent as a typical day with the two of U/us. Of course my mind was racing with ideas spawned from the night before. Were they just hanging out? Was She taking him to the next level already, taking advantage of Her time alone with him? i just didn't know. Of course, all of my mind games were playing tricks on me as it turned out Mistress and t had a nice day together connecting and talking(a little groping) She later confessed to me that She was restraining Herself from fucking him right then and there. That got me excited and all bothered at once. So as soon as i could leave work, i hurried home.

When i arrived i was assigned the job of making dinner for everyone. After dinner, since it was late, W/we put O/our daughter to bed and Mistress and i took a shower to discuss the nights events and clean up. Mistress was very interested in him touching my cock and me touching his. She also wanted to fulfill his fantasies of having him tied up while Mistress and i make love in front of him. So having discussed the evening, She went to get him ready while i prepped the room and took a pill of Hers that She thought would make me last longer. More on that later.

After She brought t. in i went and walked the dogs to give them some warm-up time. When i came back in, the two were in an embrace. Mistress then told me that W/we would be "going slow" since t. was a little nervous.

To be continued.....

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