Sunday, February 20, 2011

t's first day-Part 1

t's visit came a day early this week. Instead of him driving all day, his plan changed and he was to arrive early by plane. That meant one less day to prepare the house and emotionally prepare for his arrival. i ended up taking a half day off of work to go home and prepare the house as best i could. Mistress would join me later that afternoon to help and get ready to go to the airport and pick him up.

One of the discussions we had was the fact that s's wanted to sleep in the same bed as Mistress. i wasn't very keen on it as i did not want to be left out in the cold. Instead we came up with a compromise to move O/our bed over and bring an additional twin bed next to O/our. i felt like it was a great compromise considering the other option was to have either t. or myself sleeping in a separate room by ourselves.

Mistress was very nervous heading out to the airport. She was worried that maybe the two of them would not hit it off as well as they had over the past year online. That was quickly put to rest when W/we pulled up. The two of them immediately went to a long embrace and held hands while gently caressing the entire ride home. The conversation remained very vanilla as W/we had our daughter in the car and really couldn't speak openly. i could tell that Mistress and t. were warming up the longer the car ride continued.

t. Is a great guy and i couldn't be happier for Mistress that She finally gets the opportunity to meet him in person. i was not totally where they were when W/we all got home. O/our daughter went to the bathroom immediately and i came in to find t. and Mistress in a passionate kiss. i had such a whirlwind of feelings and thoughts at once. The reality of the fact that he was really here was a lot to swallow. Part of me felt jealous because i wasn't the one being passionately kissed. Part of me was a little embarrassed and felt like i needed to go and let them have their moment aline. The last part of me felt turned on seeing Mistress so worked up and pleasures. After letting my emotions fight it out amongst each other, the latter came out the winner. i was totally turned on watching my Mistress be pleasured by another man. it made me so happy and turned on all at the same time. i decided to stop staring and take care of O/our daughter as i the image remained burned into my brain.


  1. I cant wait to hear more of what happened and is to come in the future.

  2. Asian Domme-Thanks for reading!! Stayed tuned for more exciting posts!!