Friday, February 4, 2011

Two subs, one Domme

Mistress has been courting several subs online over the past year or so. Some have come and gone but one has remained consistent throughout the entire process. He lives quiet a ways away so i never felt any threat of him. That is, until now.

i will call him t for simplicity. Well t is the type of sub Mistress desired from the standpoint he is easily embarrassed and and enjoys being humiliated. So She has been able to do this very effectively over the internet through chat, phone, and webcam. m has managed to arrange a visit to O/our home in a couple of weeks. Because i know Mistress really values t as a friend and someone else to talk to, i am excited for his visit. He and i have chatted several times and i think he and i will hit it off. On the other end, i know he desires to have some play time with Mistress. That initially does not scare me but he also desires to sleep in the same bed with Her. For me, as Her husband, feels like a step too far. i know that sounds funny considering i am very good with some serious play time with him(and maybe me at the same time), but ultimately W/we are married and playing is kind of a separate box for me.

i know Mistress wants to play too. She has expressed an interest in letting the play go to "2nd base" in the sessions. i am good with that and even moderately excited with the possibility of playing with another person. On other occasions, Mistress has eluded to wanting me to be cuckolded and have to watch Her get fucked by t. In fantasy i feel like it would be really hot. In reality, i do not know how i would feel afterwards. The desire to please Mistress once again rises to the top of the list when i consider the idea of Her getting the fucking She desires. So that makes me happy and also turns me on, knowing Mistress would be pleasured. But sharing Mistress with another man may be too much for my little bitch self to deal with.

Did i mention She also likes the idea of forced bi? i feel like i could deal with taking a cock orally or in my ass for Mistress' pleasure would be more deal able than watching/knowing Mistress getting fucked by another man.

Right now i am very clouded with stress, horniness, excitement, and anxiety. Thats a lot of feelings for one sub to comprehend.

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