Monday, January 24, 2011

D/s dining revisited

It was great to get together again with Domina and anthony again. This time they were nice enough to invite U/us to Domina's house. Domina made a wonderful meal for U/us all and W/we all enjoyed many bottles of wine. W/we all spent a good part of the evening sharing O/our holiday family mishaps. Somewhere in the evening, talking, sharing, and drinking, anthony managed to break the bottle opener and had to run out to the store.

It seemed that anthony wasn't feeling 100% (or didn't drink enough, lol) because he remained fairly quiet most of the evening with the exception of a few well timed humorous comments. One of the more memorable was when he returned from retrieving a bottle opener that "he was surprised that some of us(anthony and myself) were still dressed". i get a kick out of his one liners out of nowhere. i am sure that some of Mistress' and i sharing of some of O/our recent new experiences had him hot and bothered enough to chime in.

It was a really nice evening as usual that allows Mistress and myself to share O/our thoughts and feelings about anything with two people that W/we have grown very fond of. i guess now that they are "in the know", it will be time to share with all of you.

Keep posted. ;-)

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