Friday, January 14, 2011

D/s Dinner

Mistress and i am very excited to get together with O/our favorite D/s couple. The last time W/we saw them was before the holidays and W/we caused quite a stir at the restaurant W/we met at. After several glasses of wine, O/our conversation became fairly clear for anyone within a table of U/us. After some time, one stranger actually turned his chair so he could hear better. By that time, nothing was being censored and i am sure he was shocked what came from O/our table in the middle of a mild family restaurant. i would have loved to be a fly on the wall on his car ride home as he and his date discussed what they heard.

Well, this time W/we are meeting at Domina's house so W/we won't have to be so cryptic about O/our discussions. i expect another great time with Domina and anthony as W/we share each other's company and stories. And for those of you wanting to know what happened over the holidays, you will have to wait until after the weekend. Domina and anthony have first dibs on the juicy stories.

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