Friday, September 18, 2009

What a Week!

Much has happened since i posted last Friday. The bad part has been that it hasn't been any calmer. The great news is that it has been a great week.

O/our dinner plans with Domina and anthony went great(until they has to leave ubruptly). They were so kind to make the drive to U/us and have dinner at O/our house. This is very special in that most of O/our friends(and family for that matter) will not make the drive out to see U/us and it usually means that W/we have to travel. After several glasses of wine conversation was all over the road. W/we covered everything from D/s to Disney. It has been a long time since Mistress and i have had that much fun with another couple. It was unfortunate that the evening had to be cut short due to domestic problem at home. The good news is that it looks like W/we will try to pick up where W/we left off in a couple of weeks.

Sunday was spent recouping and resting for the upcoming week. Monday ended up presenting some pleasant surprises. O/our daughter had her first Girl Scout meeting and it turned out that instead of the usual 1 hour meeting, they were extending the time to 1 1/2 hours and feeding the girls dinner. That meant that Mistress and i could have some quiet time alone. Well, it wasn't quiet. Mistress decided She wanted to play with Her two favorite toys, me and the Rimba. This time She added a finger up my ass to the Rimba and it sent me over the edge. i know She gets very turned on and wet knowing She can control Her cock with a remote control and Her finger, without even touching it. Needless to say, i came very hard with copious amounts of cum. If you haven't used one of these, you need to put it on your shopping list.

Monday's events helped to propel us through the week of work and activity. i was busy rehearsing with my chamber music ensemble all week in preparation for a concert on Thursday. That meant i was out most nights. Mistress was very supportive of me and my music. i know this is hard for Her but i am so appreciative of Her support this week.

Last night was our music ensemble's concert. This included a free dinner in which i could bring Mistress too. It turned out great and one of the highlights of the night was having Mistress sitting front row only 7 feet away the whole concert. It was a little distracting(in a good way). I tried to make eye contact throughout the performance while balancing my responsibilities of the group.

Looking back on the week, it was very busy but real good. i couldn't be more lucky to have a supportive and understanding Mistress who allows me to pursue my music. So many things have been positive in O/our lives this week. W/we both have been eating better(of course because of Mistress) and that has led to U/us both feeling better.

i just can't say how lucky i am to be loved, married, and cared for my such a wonderful Mistress.


  1. I know the feeling of appreciation to being in the authority of a loving wife. It is an exquisite pleasure for me as well.

  2. You are indeed a lucky, lucky, man, hopefully your Mistress and I will see some of that appreciation come out on Saturday : ) See you then!