Friday, September 11, 2009

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

At least the keyboard is.(in this case). In re-reading my post from last night and speaking with Mistress, i realized i was hurtful in some of my comments. i was not intending for that result but should have written my post when i was in a better state of mind instead of when i was upset and at work. i am familiar with the lesson of "When you are upset, write a letter, then put it away. Come back a day later and re-read the letter and make the changes. Follow this for several days and see if your feeling are a little more clear". i think that good advice that i should apply to my blog.

i definitely made it seem like i wasn't appreciative of all that Mistress does for me. On the contrary, i am extremely appreciative of all She has done. She has taken up some of my chores around the house to counteract the long hours at work. It was also very touching how She created a special moment when She put my anklets back on(of which i was very excited to have back) i was very dismayed that i had left that out last night in my post, because that was my original intention(instead of going off on a tangent).

i am also very excited of the things to come. Mistress has planned a nice get-together with Domina and anthony for the weekend, which looks to be very promising since it has been a long time since W/we have caught up with them. i am also very excited for the upcoming podcast Mistress and i have been working on putting together. W/we hope to provide folks with good information and some stimulating ideas.

So let that be a warning to everyone to learn from my mistake(or a reminder). Make sure you edit, correct, modify, and rethink before you hit send, save, or my favorite "submit".


  1. I actually think it was probably good for you to have written that last post. It allowed you to get the feelings and thoughts you were having out, so you could move on. Now things are much clearer today because you did.

    Keep in mind that sometimes life does tend to get in the way. But it is an ever changing thing. Soon things with calm down.

  2. But part of keeping a journal... even a public one, is to share yourself truly. Sometimes we feel angry or upset, or some other strong emotion. Sharing that helps clarify later and will allow you to better understand your submission when you look back on it later. If it is all good and rosy, sometimes you miss the real emotion.

  3. I have too learnt, to check my emotions b4 posting. I always try to follow the rule to keep my wife is a positive light. Also, I am fearful of my blog becoming an outlet for my manipulation, al la topping-from-the-bottom. I try to always watch out for my motives in this regard too since sometimes I find I am a manipulative basterd w/o even realizing it.