Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post Birthday Chaos and Kryptonite

As many of you have read, W/we celebrated my birthday a couple weeks ago with what i would call "Orgasmfest 2009". It's true, the best things in life ARE free!!

The wonderful weekend Mistress provided was followed by life, work, and kid changes. This has definitley caused our D/s time to take a seat on the back burner. Mistress was on Her second week of Her new job(and profession) and i was still struggling to learn the ropes and all that She did at O/our business. In order to recoup some sanity and strength, W/we decided to make a medium drive to my in-laws on the Lake. Normally. this would be relaxing, but when accompanied by four children, it can be a bit un-nerving. The kids were great but the act of loading them all up into a car and making a 3 hour drive(with dogs) can be a bit much.

Before we left for the lake, Mistress removed my anklets since i would probably be swimming in front of them in plain view. The effect is like Kryptonite to Superman. i noticed immediately the lightness of my feet and legs. i knew deep inside i felt incomplete. Sometimes it's really frustrating to have to put on these "masks" for other people.

When W/we got back, things became more hectic. O/our daughter was starting school and i was missing one of my employees for the week while She was on vacation. So things have been twice as stressful.

i know this is sounding like a "gripefest" but it is difficult to get into "sub space" with so many distractions around. i am hopeful that W/we will be able to get into a new routine and get back to that place W/we both desire to be.

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  1. It's just the turn of a new season. I'm sure, actually, I'm positive everything will go back to normal given enough time.

    It's interesting that just taking off the anklets made you feel incomplete. I find it fascinating how many subs are so attached to their physical imprisonments. =) That's not necessarily a bad thing.