Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recovered

As stated in Mistress' blog and here, W/we were supposed to get together with Domina and anthony this Saturday for a second try at dinner. Unfortunately, the plans fell through at the last moment and Mistress and i were left sitting looking at each other two hours before we were supposed to meet. It would not have been so bad if W/we hadn't driven O/our daughter to her grandmother's for the weekend the night before(3 hour ride each way). Also, W/we have the added difficulty of living far away from a big city, so making new plans was out of the question. So Saturday was spent in sitting around in a blue funk and just frustrated.

Don't get me wrong, i really like Domina and anthony. But until anthony can manage his ex-wife and put his foot down on her irresponsible behavior, this is always going to be problem. i hope that they can work it out so Domina and anthony can be together without interference.

So Sunday arrived, which meant, getting back in the car and putting another 6 hours on the road. Mistress decided to take it upon herself to make the drive alone since i had a church commitment that morning. Also, that way, She would be home at a decent hour. i decided that since i would have the day to myself that i would take it upon myself to clean up O/our bedroom so that it would be more conducive to being together instead of bringing the feeling of crashing.

Having stewed on the text messages Mistress sent me on Thursday, i decided to return the favor. i was getting hard just thinking about them. One in particular, "Lick me from my clitoris to my asshole" had me wound up. It had been a very long time since Mistress had let me partake in the feast of Her mound. Knowing She would need some cheering up, i sent Her one hot message after another, expressing my desire to taste Her and please Her.

my messages were met with approval. i even sent a couple of pictures(utilizing the new MMS feature on the iPhone) of how hard She made me. Mistress instructed me to take a picture of my ass and a pic of it spread, of which i was happy to oblige.

By the time She arrived home, W/we were both wound up. W/we made arrangement for O/our daughter to lay down while i serviced Mistress. Oh boy! i could have eaten Her out all day an night. i made Her cum over and over again. Each time harder. Mistress then desired Her cock inside of Her. i suggested using the special medical cream so that She could ride it the way She likes. After apply the cream, She mounted and rode Her cock hard. Porn Star hard. i was so pleased to watch Her get off on Her cock.

Mistress came several times this way, including Her ejaculating also. i was instructed to get on top and give it to Her. It was wonderful knowing i could do as She asked without the fear of it ending too soon. W/we both ended up coming and having to stop out of sheer exhaustion.

it wasn't a very D/s scene, but it was no less hot. And most importantly, Mistress was serviced. i was very glad we were able to turn the weekend around and make something out of it.


  1. way to tune in and provide service. great job!!!

  2. thanks sub-husband!!

    Thanks for always "tuning in" here. i really appreciate your feedback.

  3. It sounded like she definitely needed a pick me up, way to provide!