Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Mistress was so wonderful to plan a nice birthday weekend for me. It was a different experience for me since Mistress asked what i wanted. i was left speechless and dumbfounded. i always defer to Mistress on decisions and find it very difficult to tap into my personal feelings on what i want to do. The best i usually muster up is becoming the 'Devil's Advocate" which ends up driving Mistress batty.

With funds being tight and Mistress having planned to have O/our daughter to stay at a friends house over the weekend, W/we decided to stay home and just enjoy each other. This of course led to what sexual things i desired for my birthday weekend. Without prior thinking, planning, and stewing, i found it difficult to pinpoint something. i know most guys out there can roll off a list of kinky fantasies in a heartbeat but my mind doesn't work that way. Every time i came up with something, it was "Mistress Centric". After trying to come up with something, i came up with a challenge of how many times Mistress could get me to cum in 24hrs. Sounded like a fun and pleasurable challenge.

And it was. Mistress did something different every time. She rode me first to orgasm. Mistress stroked me to climax twice. She teased me to peak with The Hitachi Magic Wand. Lastly, She had me stroke myself to cum. i think Her cock was numb by the time it was said and done. When it was all said and done, She had made me cum 5 times. i really wish i could have given Her more or had pleasured Her more with Her cock, but i don't think She felt at all unsatisfied since She managed to squeak out 12 climaxes. Several of them shook the house and left marks on my back(yum).

i am so fortunate to have a wonderful Mistress who takes such great care of me. But now, i lookf forward to getting back to my role a the provider of pleasure for Her.

Next year, i will be sure to give it some more thought, even if it doesn't "cum" naturally.

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  1. "find it very difficult to tap into my personal feelings on what i want to do."

    I could really relate to this. On Father's day, it was "my day" and it felt so uncomfortable.

    glad you had a good b-day. ;-}