Friday, October 24, 2008

Delayed Gratification

Does the old adage "Good guys finish last." really exist. If you ask any good sub that question, i guarantee the answer will always be "YES!". Mistress has taken the time and patience to teach me this since W/we ventured into our D/s relationship. She has taught me that my true and only purpose is to serve Her and without Her saying anything, i have learned that when i do a good job serving Her and making sure that Her sexual needs are taken care of, i will feel good about Her pleasure. When i am not meeting Her expectations, not only is She disappointed, but i feel less than worthy.

i love that She uses this as motivation. A "Delayed Gratification" so to speak.(for lack of a better word). If Mistress is amply pleased then She may or may not play with Her cock. if i am lucky, use me as Her fuck toy. This may not be true "delayed gratification" but more a reward for good service. This reward in not absolute. If She feels She is done with me, than that is where it is. More often, She likes to show me Her appreciation of my effort and attention. This is because i am very fortunate to have a loving and caring Mistress who takes very good care of me. i am definitely one luck sub.

If more men realized their true place in their relationships was to serve their Mistress, we would not have the amount of divorces that we have today. As i have said, nothing makes me happier than knowing that my Mistress is pleased. 

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