Saturday, October 11, 2008

Exciting Week ahead

Mistress and i are coming up on some unusual alone time this week. The way events have played out, O/our daughter is going to be out tonight at her first sleepover party. This will be the first time that she will be out for the night that hasn't involved planning to have someone watch her. In addition, one of O/our vendors is sending U/us to New York for a conference. It looks like W/we will be able to take advantage of the trip by stopping in the Poconos for a romantic long weekend away. 

Needless to say, i am very excited to take this time to give Mistress the very attention She needs without having to worry about O/our daughter. This week i will be able to give her my undivided attention. 

Mistress has requested that She would like to be prepared a candlelight dinner at home. It is unusual that time and family allows for this. i am getting excited just thinking of preparing to please Mistress in the way she desires to be pleased on a longer timeline. i have been thinking of what i need to do to prepare myself as to please her the most. i am planning on doing a full body shave in which i have not done in a long while. i am hopeful that this too will please Her. i can be Her little bitch shaved slave for the night. Making her dinner in the attire that she feels fit. 

Mistress has given me a recipe to work from so that i can go out and get the ingredients to prepare Her meal. i am also very excited about how i may please her all night without worrying about interruptions. i receive such joy from watching my Mistress be pleased. i can even cum watching Her orgasm, which i hope i can do for her many times tonight.

i know our time tonight will be short, but it should be an exciting prelude to our time away this week. Nothing makes me happier than pleasing Her.

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