Saturday, November 8, 2008

Semi-hard on a regular basis

Since Mistress and i have amped up O/our playtime recently, i have found that Her cock has been almost in a semi-hard state on a regular basis. This is different because normally Her cock will be in it's smallest state since i have not taken the proper time and effort to please Her. Due to my lack of attentiveness, Her cock will receive little attention and will feel less than worthy because of the failure on my part to properly please Her.

Mistress has been very busy at work and it has taken away from Her dominant feelings. They have recently come back strong, resulting in me being more attentive to Her needs. This in turn has led to more time for me to please Her. Thoughts of pleasing Her and having Her cum again and again make Her cock hard. It causes it to be even semi-erect on a regular basis. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing my Mistress is totally fulfilled. And that satisfaction leads to Her cock being ready for Her needs on a moments notice.

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