Saturday, November 22, 2008


Mistress has requested that i write about O/our working on communication between U/us. i have noticed that W/we have become closer through this regular talking. i find that i am able to truly understand Her needs when W/we are making a regular connection daily. It also allows U/us to "check in" and replay the events and interactions of the day and how they played out. Sometimes this is really important because there may be unresolved issues that were glossed over or just ignored that need to be and should be resolved. By taking time regularly to discuss these times, good and bad, Mistress can share how She felt at that time and i can do the same, if She requests. These may not even be bad interactions, but may be a way of taking inventory of what happened during the day before it becomes too buried in the past. 

Sometimes events that are not discussed can fester and cause resentment between a couple. This "check in" keeps the pressure from building in the emotional soda bottle from things that have remained unresolved. This kind of communication is essential in the success of a marriage and a D/s relationship. Revisiting feelings that have occurred during the day need to be resolved before they become compiled with other feelings. This can cause a masking of the true problem or prevent either one from getting to the heart of the true feelings about any one situation. Most importantly, it allows me to know and better serve my Mistress.

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