Thursday, September 18, 2008

D/s Toychest

If You are ever traveling through Connecticut and would like to stop somewhere for some treats for Your Mistress, You must make a stop in Meriden at the D/s Toychest. This unsuspecting place is located on top of a pizza place and could easily missed from the road. Mistress and i were doing some traveling that way and made a stop. Let me say, We/we will be making it a regular visit when we go through that part of the country.

The D/s Toychest has an extensive collection of "vanilla" adult toys as well as a multitude of D/s equipment. Their collection of leather, latex, and vinyl is very complete. They also have most BDSM toys and furniture You may come across online. the benefit being that You actually get to see these items up close and touch them. They even have a consignment section made up of things people are no longer using or trading in. 

They have more things than i could ever cover in this blog. Do Yourself a favor and checkout and make a stop by this most excellent D/s emporium

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