Monday, September 15, 2008

Fulfilled my duties

i had one of the most amazing experiences the other day with Mistress. After many years of being together i had finally been able to get Her to climax while she rode her cock all out. In the past, when Mistress permitted me to allow Her cock to enter Her, i would cum instantly due to Her incredible beauty and wetness. i would try to concentrate on something else but would always be pulled back by Her hard riding up and down and Her sensual moaning. Who wouldn't cum?

But this time, Mistress not only allowed me to cum once inside of Her(an incredible privilege) but twice. The second time was very shortly after the first and so Her cock was not as sensitive as usual. After some extra effort and concentration, Her cock was able to be mounted and she did it with great vigor. She rode long and hard, which is Her favorite form of pleasure. Not only did She climax once, but allowed me to climax and second time in which she did also.

i truly feel i have fulfilled my duties as Her sexual toy. i had great satisfaction in being able to have her cum on her cock twice and to be able to watch her enjoyment without the duress of climaxing too early. i hope i am able to do this again now that we know what to do.

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