Saturday, September 13, 2008

Disappointed Mistress

i have been neglectful in posting on this blog. Mistress had requested that i post on a regular basis and i have not done so. i have no excuses other than i have been neglectful of doing what is asked of me. The purpose of this blog is to post my feelings, experiences, and thoughts on O/our D/s relationship. This will need to change.

Mistress has stated that i have sent Her a message by not posting and that i should not bother at this point. Out of respect for Her, i will continue posting. i understand that i have let Her down and that She has certain expectations of Her sub. Since i have done several drafts over the past two months, i will be posting them shortly afterwards.

Mistress, i am sorry for letting You down and i hope that i can make it up to You.

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