Wednesday, July 9, 2008


One of the rituals i do that Mistress always enjoys is shaving. i am not speaking about shaving in the traditional sense, but shaving of the "other" parts of my body. Mistress prefers that i regularly shave Her/my cock. In addition she likes for Her/my chest, ass, and armpits be clean shaven also. Whenever life gets busy and i am neglectful of my duties to properly serve her, i will always step up my duties and make sure that i include shaving as part of it. 

It makes Her/my cock throb doing it. Probably because it is the only time i am allowed to touch it outside of going to the bathroom. i do not dare do anything more because the act of shaving reminds me of whose cock it is. i am weak, and cannot help but get hard when i think of how pleased She will be when She sees Her cock with just the skin and nothing else to hide it. i must admit, my cock is small and anything that can be done to create an image that it is large is indeed welcomed.

There are times when i will shave my legs as well. Mistress especially enjoys that since it makes me look like the sissy boy i am. But i do love pleasing Mistress and making her happy. If that means being Her sissy boy, than i will do that with all i can.

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