Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unfortunately Bad Kitty

Mistress took me on vacation this week to Myrtle Beach last week. One of the hobbies Mistress would like to do is to visit the local "adult" toy store in town. i have always found this exciting and would be excited to see what new toys W/we would come across that would better serve Mistress and her beautiful body. After making a visit to Myrtle Beach's "The Badd Kitty", Mistress felt that it is unfortunate that their isn't a resource online of these places and how they fair, especially in the D/s community. i offered to add to my blog reviews of places we have gone and visit in the future. She thought that was an excellent idea, so here is my first review of many more to come:

In a town such as Myrtle Beach with a multitude of strip clubs and lingerie stores, that there is a shortage of adult toys available. Upon driving up and down the strip(rt 17) You will find many clubs and video stores. Mistress and i figured that this was a sign that we were in a sexually open town. Unfortunately, our visit to "The Badd Kitty" proved wrong.

A visit to "The Badd Kitty" was nothing more than a visit to a Victoria's Secret but on a skanky level. They had many outfits to choose from. i guess if You were wanting to dress up for Halloween and do it up "sluty", this would be the place to go. Which made me realize the shops primary customer, strippers. While W/we were in there a Girl from one of the clubs was trying on outfits for work. Her conversation eluded to that She was the third Girl in that day getting a new outfit. 

A corner of the shop was set aside for adult toys. They had your usual vibrators, dildos, and such. They even had quality brands represented there. I was surprised to see some Liberator shapes. In addition, the had a small wall for bondage, (ala vanilla starter kit). You would think from this description the store was actually very good, except that they advertise "A Store for Couples" and include a black leather whip on their website. Overall W/we were disappointed, but that may be because we have been spoiled by some incredible BDSM shops in the past. 

Overall, if you are looking for a hot outfit or some of your standard far toys, The Badd Kitty will probably suit your needs. If you are looking for something a little more kink, i think You may need to look outside Myrtle Beach. 

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