Monday, June 23, 2008

Her pet

There are many times in which Mistress and i lay in bed and wind down for the day in which i will sit and service Her in various ways. Sometimes it will be just as simple as stroking her hair. Other times it may be scratching or rubbing her back. If i am fortunate little bitch, i will be allowed to service her by licking her wonderful pussy. Just the thought of it makes Her cock get hard(as i write this). There is nothing more satisfying than to hear my Mistress moan in pleasure as i service Her beautiful body. 

Some nights while i stroke her back or her hair, she will rub Her cock. It is at times like these that i feel that i am truly Her little pet. The kind of pet that is pleased to see his Mistress serviced they way She should. Worshipped liked a Queen.

1 comment:

  1. I know it has been difficult for you not having Me around for our nightly ritual this week. your journaling pleases Me, and I appreciate that you are able to share with Me in this way. I am looking forward to having you on your knees, serving and servicing Me again soon.