Friday, June 20, 2008

my first post

Churches throughout the United States have followed the trend of commercial businesses by putting catchy phrases on their marquees in order to get your attention and possibly attract you to their church. At bare minimum, they would like to be able to at least provoke you to think a little more critical about your life. Well, the particular sign i saw did indeed provoke thoughts, but i do not think the thoughts it brought to mind were the ones intended by the author. The marquee said, "It's hard to fall over when you are on your knees.". At first it made me chuckle and then i started reflecting. 

my Mistress has instructed me to keep a journal of my thoughts and feelings about O/our relationship and experiences in O/our D/s lifestyle. i could not think of any better analogy to illustrate my feelings and desire for my Mistress than that church marquee with the unintended double meaning. Just as one would obtain stability through prayer(on your knees), i receive stability in my life by serving and pleasing my Mistress. When i submit to Mistress(again on my knees), i am truly centered by her direction, instruction, leadership, and compassion. i only obtain this when Mistress is properly cared for and serviced.  Then i know all is good with the world.

This blog will be a way to reflect on these feelings and thoughts since i struggle with verbalizing them. i would be open to any comments or suggestions anyone may offer.

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