Sunday, September 26, 2010

Phone Orgasm

Yesterday was a great day. Mistress and i had made arrangements to meet friends to see Bruce Hornsby in concert which i was excited for. But the added bonus was that it led to Mistress getting dressed up in some new outfits She bought. She looked stunning! Mistress exuded sexiness as never before. The more Dominant She becomes, the hotter She gets. i am a lucky sub.

Another highlight of the day happened before W/we left. W/we had both taken advantage of being completely naked since O/our daughter was away staying at my mother-in-law's . W/we were both surfing online when my mother called to ask me some questions about her upcoming trip overseas. Mistress decided it would be fun to see Her little bitch squirm while i was on the phone, so She started to stroke Her cock. At first, it was unsuccessful since i was having a hard time getting it up with my mother on the phone. Undeterred, She stroked more vigorously to achieve the desired result. Sure enough, She had Her bitch's cock all hard and ready to go. Several times i got close to cumming and tried to pull away since i did not have permission to release. She was not interested in that, She wanted me to cum and keep up a conversation at the same time.

Well, it didn't take look before i got very close and i gestured to Her to ask permission and She nodded 'Yes'. i came hard but struggled to maintain a level speaking voice and remain focused enough to keep up my part of the conversation.

This was a new type of Domination from Mistress. i know She enjoys making Her subs squirm, but this was an interesting and hot challenge. Ultimately, like most subs, i am putty in my Mistress' hands. Nothing but Her little puppet to do with as She wishes. And i wouldn't have it any other way.


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