Saturday, September 11, 2010

Formspring me:Do you ever feel ashamed of your submissiveness?

Formspring Question:Do you ever feel ashamed of your submissiveness? The reason i ask is i am a submissive seeking a Dominant Woman and sometimes ( especially after orgasm) i have these feelings of shame springing im sure from the societal norm of the strong male figure.

i am actually proud of my submissiveness. i occasionally drop hints in my "vanilla life" that Mistress in charge. i really wish i could be even more open about it, but that won't happen any time soon. Frequently when i bring it up(of course in a very vanilla context), i usually sense a feeling of jealousy from any women i am around that their partner was not that way.

On the other hand, after orgasm i do feel ashamed if Mistress has not cum or been pleasured. i do feel very lucky that She will allow me to release on occasion and that She enjoys it(and it's Her will). But at the same time, i feel that my release should come last and i am ashamed that i am not able to please Her longer with Her cock.

i hope i answered Your question.

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