Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting back in the saddle

This weekend was a significant day in that Mistress was feeling Dominant and sexual after a long dry spell. She woke me up with the stroking of Her cock and a quick(very quick) ride on it. Having gone a long while without release has lead to an even more sensitive trigger on Her cock. i know it wasn't satisfying for Her but it was a good sign that things were looking up from this summer.

The following day Mistress had taken the opportunity several times to masturbate to orgasm. She even included me in the process for a third one. As an added treat, She allowed me to shave Her pussy clean. I was very turned on, not only by being able to touch it but the possibility of more chances to pleasure Her. Her shaving inspired me to shave my body after a long hiatus.

It's all baby steps, but at least it movement in a forward direction.

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