Thursday, June 17, 2010

Formspring #1-Did you or your wife start this lifestyle?

It turned out to be a mutual discovery. W/we were having problems in the bedroom and after a long discussion about my inability to initiate intimate time between U/us, i told Mistress i wanted Her to take control. That led to reading and discovering the world of D/s. One of the funniest memories was being in Barnes and Noble and Mistress opening up a book on BDSM and showing me a picture of a sub all tied up and bound. i reacted with a violent "No!! That's not what i want!" The truth was, i didn't know what i wanted. It seems so funny in retrospect now that W/we have moved so far past it.

After exploring the bedroom side of D/s, Mistress discovered it was something She desired also. So W/we moved to a 24/7 relationship, with the beginning of it starting when She put on my metal collar after being away for a week on a business trip. The rest is history

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