Monday, June 21, 2010

W/we won a prize!!

This is truly exciting!! i usually do not win anything. Mistress usually is the winner of many contests and prizes. i cannot take complete credit for the award becuase even though it is my blog, it would not exist without Mistress and Her insight and direction. For that, i am forever grateful.

So it seems we have been put on the "Best of" list on It is great that the blog has been noticed and i hope it will ultimately bring more folks to the site and increase the level of dialog going on. i can't help but be inspired to put some more time and work into it now that it has gotten some attention. Fortunately, i have some time coming up with summer break and a week of "no kids" with Mistress and i at home 24/7. So that should lead to some good posts and juicy stories. i have already stated working on some other posts leading up to it, so stay tuned. Maybe, if time allows, Mistress and i will be able to put out O/our first podcast. W/we will see.

None the less, i am honored to be among some of the other blogs featured on that list. Good ol' Obasso's HNT and View from the Back Row, Gloria Brame, Mystress Lady Evyl, and not to mention sex writer/educator superstar, Violet Blue. To be on the same list as Violet Blue is really an honor. i am not sure if i am honored or if She would be disappointed, LOL. Check these sites out. There are some that are new to me, but they all look really good.

Thanks again. BTW-Keep sending the questions.!!


  1. Congrats! Sam and I used to be part of kinky sex link a while back which is run by Mistress Lady Evyl. It is great to have your story shared amongst kinksters :). I always love when healthy examples of D/s relationships are being shared because there are so many misconceptions out there, and let's face it, blogging is so much fun when you know someone is reading ;)

  2. Thank You so much Miss Christina and thanks for reading.

  3. j-

    Congratulations! How very exciting for you and W!! :) Wonderful news, and well-deserved! Love reading both your blogs, and miss seeing you guys!

    Please take care, and give W a hug for us!:)


  4. Congrats!SAM.
    I suggest this site to my friends so it could be useful & informative for them also. Great effort.