Saturday, June 26, 2010

Formspring-But do you WANT to be disciplined in front of others?

i do have a fantasy of serving Mistress and "being myself" in front of other folks of like mind. i do not desire or enjoy public humiliation in the vanilla world. It becomes problematic with O/our jobs and the people that W/we are involved with in O/our vanilla life to do something like that. But thoughts of playing and serving outside to comfort of O/our bedroom and home is definitely on the fantasy list.

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  1. It's a tough one to call! I think discipline should normally be carried out immediately but that, of course, depends on the location and individual circumstances of the need for such discipline.

    Within the home, in front of Mistress' friends or other guests, I would say it should take place immediately, even though it would be supremely humiliating; perhaps the implicit threat of such quick justice would serve as a reminder to always do Mistress' bidding - and to do it exactly as told!

    A nice theme - it made me feel quite hot at just the thought of it!

  2. wow, it would be tough in person...

    I must say, the idea of "implicit threats" drives me CRAZY HOT!! Does anyone have a link to some ideas? Thanks! :)

  3. See my blog regarding this related issue.

    In a nutshell, if she in public said, "You are to love me like you love Jesus Christ, and right now you aren't and for that you'll be punished later" not many would question her as it deals with a religous belief.

  4. Perhaps your lady could get 3-4 girlfriends to form a kangaroo court to judge your behavior. They could assemble occasionally while you served them tea. You would be nude so that the could observe your grooming. After a discussion, they could render a verdict and then impose discipline as they continued to sip tea.