Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brush with The Real World

Well, today was the first time in a while that aspects of O/our D/s relationship met with a stranger in the vanilla world. Mistress and i had to be in the big city in the federal building to for a meeting about O/our finances and O/our business. Surprisingly, W/we had considered the possible problem of getting through security with my metal anklets on. Unfortunately, W/we couldn't locate the tool needed to remove them in time to leave. i figured that since i had already been through airport security with my metal collar without as much as a whisper that today would not be any different. Well, it seems the feds have better security than the airlines.

W/we got there and just as W/we were to go through W/we were stopped and told no cell phones. O/our attorney immediately appeared right behind U/us and offered to take them in. Needless to say, that was also a no-no. So i sent Mistress in and walked back to the parking garage to put O/our phones in the car. When i returned everything was fine sending my stuff through. That was, until i had to walk through and the sensor went off. The gentleman waved his wand over my body without any problem and sent me through again. Buzz!!! He then had me remove my watch. Buzz!!! So i figured, what did i have to lose. i told them i think i may know what may be setting it off. i then rolled down my socks to show my metal anklets. The nice guy asked me if i could remove them in which i told him "Not easily" He chuckled and asked if they were welded on.

Surprisingly enough, that was it. i guess either they have seen it all or had no idea on how to react. i think as time goes on and i get older, i am worrying less and less what other people think and ready to face these confrontations head on.


  1. What an experience. I just found your blog recently, and am enjoying to so far.

    I completely enjoyed knowing that there you were, in such a vanilla setting, having that added reminder of your status and there wasn't a thing you could do about it at the moment, but accept it and what you are and deal with it.

    And there was something in the whole scenario that sort of turned me on. Maybe it's the public aspect of it.

    I wonder, are they just metal anklets or do they say something as well?

    Well, feel free to check out our blog, the one I share with my sub Sam.

    Have a nice day.

  2. j-

    Your post made me laugh a little and smile; all things that are much needed this week. I do admire your cavalier "it is what it is attitude" toward your anklet dilemma. I am certain that W is very proud of you.

    Be well!