Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Steps

"Rome was not built in a day"

It seems that things are slowly starting to take shape and head back in the right direction. i am sure feeling like i have a steady handle on my new job has helped. Also, i cannot ignore the getting back into my proper role(body shaving, working around the house, pleasing Mistress) has helped things. i have said it in previous posts, but the 'ritual' of being a sub is important in that it keeps me in that state of mind regularly. When i get lazy and don't do those things, it keeps my mind off of Mistress and my responsibilities to Her. But when i do just one of my tasks, it tends to snowball into desiring to do other things for Mistress. Ultimately, this leads me to thinking of other ways i can please and service Her. i can almost taste it.

O/our friends, Domina and anthony, who took a break from their D/s relationship are back and strong once again. Even more exciting is their engagement. Mistress and i are so happy for them. Their renewed vigor has also been a inspiration in the prior dry spell.

So things are under way. i must admit that i am a little excited for some 1 on 1 time this July when O/our daughter goes away to camp for a week. i look forward to that time when i can service Mistress the way She ultimately wants to be served.

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