Saturday, April 24, 2010

houseboi no longer

It was short lived. my time as houseboi was cut short by a positive thing, but still one that came with consequences. i was really looking forward to spending a large amount of time at home keeping the house nice and thinking of all things i can do for Mistress. This time was shortened by a job offer that became available and i really couldn't turn down. The pay wasn't great but it got me back into the original field i was in before W/we took over the business.

If You follow my blog You know that i am not very good at change. This employment change was a big one and has led to my slacking on my responsibilities at home and for Mistress. By no means was this anyone's fault other than my own. i stopped body shaving. i stopped washing Mistress' panties by hand. i haven't done Her nails. i haven't even posted like i should. Although i was aware of this in the back of my mind, it kept being pushed away by the other things going on in O/our life (new job and closing the business). Mistress has been very kind to me regarding my lack of attentiveness. i know She understood what was going on and was cutting me some slack. She even allowed me to cum a couple of times even though i did not deserve it. Again, as always, i know i am a lucky boi to have such a kind and understanding Mistress. She has even been picking up more responsibilities on Her end to help us get through this time. This is way above and beyond what i deserve.

So after a decent weekend of rest it is time to pick myself up and step up to the plate and show Mistress i deserve such a wonderful Woman. None of this has been Her fault. She has been kind and gentle all the while dealing with Her own demons at work and school. As a matter of fact, Mistress hasn't even made a big deal about my laziness but instead more gentle. i am indeed lucky.

Time to get going, work on the house, Mistress, and the family. She has picked up the slack long enough. Now that i have my rhythm in a flow, now is the time to insert my Mistress at the top of the list, where She belongs.

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