Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working on becoming houseboi

W/we officially closed the doors on O/our business last Friday and one of the things i was looking forward to the most was being home and available for Mistress throughout the day. i find getting the house looking nice for Her and running errands for Her always makes me more submissive and happy that i am running around for Her.

Unfortunately, the week has not really allowed for me to be home much at all. Between getting things finished up at the business uninterrupted and trying to earn some side money to help make up for the lack of income from the business, it has left little time at home. i did get to enjoy a wonderful day with Mistress as She took off work for Her Dr.'s appointment and O/our appointment with the attorney. Though this is not the way i would choose to spend the day with Mistress, i enjoyed O/our time together immensely and look forward to other days like this in the future without the stressful appointments.

So now it's Thursday and i think this may be the first opportunity i may have to spend some time at home getting things in order. i will be also focusing on different ways that i can submit to Mistress while W/we are apart and i am at home throughout the day. No matter what, it is exciting to be looking at spending some quality time really focusing on Mistress and the family.


  1. It's sweet that even though you have a million other things going on you still make time to think of ways to make your Miss happy. =)

  2. Mistress L-

    Thank You again for Your kind words. Life does always provide convenient time for both of U/us but W/we try to do O/our best. i am lucky to have a wonderful Mistress and wife and understanding readers like You.