Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brace for Impact!

It has been a while since i have put up anything here. i apologize to my readers and to Mistress, as She expects a minimum of a weekly post. Unfortunately, i have let the stress of O/our failing business get in the way of my responsibilities to Mistress. Needless to say, i received the punishment i deserved. A good ass beating. Mistress knows that i do not like it(i am not a pain slut) but i do relish the fact that She enjoys giving a good spanking. And that makes me happy. She got me good this time. She sometimes hold back a little knowing how much i whine about the pain. But i got what i deserved and i plan to do better. Here is the evidence of said spanking:

Since my last posting i have made note of a trend in Mistress' orgasms. It seems that since O/our intimate time has been diminished more by the work load, that when Mistress does get time to have an orgasm, they are big. i mean big. Full body twitch and head thrashing. And it is hot!! But one of the problems that arises is that She usually doesn't have Herself in a good position when this happens so Her head is usually resting on the headboard. This leads to massive smacking of the back of Her head on the headboard. She doesn't seem to mind when it is happening but afterwards it usually leaves Her sore. i have been trying to make sure that when i am allowed to be present for these sessions and i am asked to assist, that i put my hand in between Her head and the headboard. This even occurred during a hot moment in the shower together and She ended up wacking up against the tile. Ouch!! All i know is that i need to be more attentive so that i can be included in these sessions so as to prevent Her from hurting herself. But all i can say is, She is hot!!

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