Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Two incidents occurred that brought this post to mind. One was of the the post on one of the blogs i follow, King Unleashed. The other was some intimate time Mistress and i a week or so ago.

Elle over at Kink Unleashed wrote about the definition of fellatio and Her feelings on the subject. She also addressed Her boy toy's thoughts on the matter. i would have to say that i agree with BT(Boy Toy) and feel that receiving fellatio feels wrong. It is degrading the person giving it. i feel guilty receiving it since She is pleasuring me with Her mouth where it should be me that is uncomfortable and pleasuring Her. Do not get me wrong, it feels great! The times i am fortunate enough to be given such a gift by Mistress, i love it. But at the same time i feel guilty. That it is an act usually reserved for the vanilla folks or the male Dominant couples. i do understand at the same time that if She did not want to do it, She wouldn't. i also understand that She may be doing it for Her own pleasure. And this is Her choice. But sometimes i cannot help but be in conflict with myself partaking in an activity that is usually for the purpose to please the Mistress or humiliate the sub. it has been engrained that sucking cock is a job for the bitch.

The second time is this past weekend when Mistress felt i had earned some pleasuring and was incapacitated by a recent injury. This meant that She couldn't use one of Her hands like She normally does. Instead, She decided to use Her luscious mouth. And oh, did it feel good. i think She stopped and moved to Her other hand because She knows me and knows how quick i can cum when it "feels really good".

i cannot deny loving the feeling of Mistress' mouth and tongue on my little cock. But at the same time feel bad for taking on such a pleasure. i guess that is why when it happens, it is truely a gift that should not be taken for granted.


  1. I think a mouth over a hand is a very fair trade haha

  2. I don't think you should ever feel guilty for accepting something that your Mistress chooses to give you.

    I love cock. That isn't going to change. I am going to suck the cock I own if and when I want to. Not for anyone else but me. If that is how I choose to use my toy then I would expect my own slut to lay there and enjoy the feelings if I am choosing to give him such pleasure.

    Try to relax...enjoy what she gives you if she wants you to have it, and appreciate it because who knows when or if she will suck her cock again!