Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh to be Bound

In an effort to try to express myself for Mistress and share some of my fantasies(or desires) i hit upon another trigger. i really love to be bound. It doesn't have to be rope or any other particular material, but more importantly is the simple fact of being restrained. Confined so that i cannot move and i am totally at the whim of Mistress and Her desires.

Over the years W/we have explored different aspects of it. Sometimes Mistress will just bind my hands. Other times, She will go through an elaborate rope tying in which it has turned out both beautiful as well as functional.

Unfortunately, the house W/we live in doesn't allow for any type of dungeon setup. W/we have discussed putting some eye hooks in the ceiling so that i could be more easily accessed, but nothing as of yet. i have found various setups that allow you to maintain a "vanilla" house while having use of restraining equipment. One company, Foxy Furniture used to make them but due to their space constraints, allows you to download free plans to make them yourself. They have two items that "transform" from regular furniture to functional equipment. Looks like some really great ideas if you are handy with a saw and such.

Another company makes a Portable Dungeon that looks very intriguing. Definitely affordable and able to be taken down as needed.

But i digress. i very much desire to be bound. i fantasize about having Mistress tie me up to a St. Andrew's cross or from some eye hooks from the ceiling. She would then leave me there, in all my leather harnesses and ball stretcher. She would go an change into a hot leather corset with Her heels, making Her even more Dominating than usual. She would then rub Her wet pussy, getting Herself off several times because She is turned on by the display before Her. She would then periodically stroke Her cock to the point of climax and stop. Each time She stopped, She would find a new toy to pleasure Her. From time to time She would back Her hot box onto Her throbbing cock and ride it. Again, stopping before my climax. This would go on for hours. In between, She may go get food, watch television, or surf the net. While surfing, She would realize that pictures of the occasion would be appropriate so She would get the camera and capture moment forever(and share with others). Eventually, after teasing and arousing me, She would allow me to cum. But She would command that i cum far to show my desire for Her. Of course, after all the teasing, it would feel like the string on a bow and arrow pulled all the way back on the verge of release. i would come so hard that it would shoot halfway across the room. She would leave me there to wilt and recover.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post when you put it up... but I so hear what you're saying. I kink pretty hard on bondage, and it doesn't matter how or how severe I love to be restrained... the more severe the more I enjoy it, I treasure the memories of the times my wife has had me helplessly bound awaiting her kindness to release me!