Saturday, February 7, 2009

Her Mind

Two posts ago i posted about Mistress's transformation to a new level of beauty. In addition to Her physical improvements She has been making She has been preparing to finish Her bachelor's degree online and looks to be done with it this week.

Mistress is an extremely intelligent Woman and doesn't need any piece of paper to prove that She is. Any person who has spent a significant amount of time around Her knows this. The completion of Her degree is more about Her feeling a sense of completion. Unfortunately, the outside world measures You by these pieces of paper. All of U/us know people that have advanced degree's and are not very smart. i am just fortunate to be married and owned by an incredibly smart Mistress who will also have a degree. She makes me so proud and i am happy for Her that She will soon be complete with this process.

i have always known She was smart. But until recently, i haven't realized how smart She was(and how dumb others are). i was listening to an interview of a Pro-Domme who works in NYC and it was disturbing how much smarter Mistress was compared to the Pro. Mistress has had some dabbling in the online domination and no surprise She was very successful. men were attracted to Her intelligence and wisdom. Two very important factors when you as sub allow someone else to have power and control over you. One would not want to have a Domme who was not looking out for your best interest as well as Hers. 

This is just another example of how lucky i am and why many other subs would love to be in my shoes. 

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