Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anniversary Collar

i was fortunate enough last week to earn the privilege of being collared by Mistress. She called me into the bedroom and had me on my knees so that She may place the collar back around my neck. Her cock immediately got semi-hard during the process, knowing that She deemed me worthy of wearing it.

It has been a while since i have been collared. Mistress decided that it may not be appropriate to wear when running a business. But since this time of year is cold and i usually wear mock turtle necks, it has worked out great. She even told me that it was going to just be over the weekend for Her enjoyment and that i could remove it for work on Monday. i was so pleased by Her gift that i decided to dress to be able to continue being collared.

This collaring was also significant since W/we were celebrating seven years of wonderful marriage together.(The longest either one of us has ever been married). People speak of the "seven year itch" but i hope that i am always the one who is lucky enough to be the person to scratch that itch.

Happy Anniversary!!

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