Sunday, October 3, 2010


Mistress and i have been working through some tough issues that have been around for a majority of O/our marriage. In an effort to gain some perspective and get some time to think, Mistress went up to the city and rented a hotel room for the weekend. She was kind enough to allow me to come up to the city and take Her on a date like W/we used to do. It was so exciting getting ready with a new sense of vigor and energy. Something about going back to dating is very good in sparking that, well spark, that may have become dim over the years. It also reminds U/us why W/we got married in the first place. Anyway, Mistress, daughter, and i enjoyed a wonderful day together going out to a fair and spending quality time together. The only thing hanging over the whole event is why it took so long to happen.

After some discussion, i headed back home by myself and spent the evening and the next day by myself. When Mistress came home on Sunday, my heart was beating fast like a schoolgirl out on a first date. i was so excited to see Her and have Her home again. This was particularly exciting because W/we do not spent any extended time away from each other and, at least for me, made me grow even fonder of Her upon Her return.

She was very tired when She arrived and was a bit achy from the driving all weekend so i offered to massage Her. Well, that turned into a full body massage with cocoa butter and the Hitachi Magic Wand. Mistress was almost asleep until She flipped over on Her back and wanted me to do the same for Her front. What a wonderful treat it was to use the magic wand and my hands to massage every part of Her body. Of course i teased Her sensitive areas in which She responded with small moans of pleasure. i took that as a good thing and continued to tease Her mound and Her breasts. This lasted a prolonged time until She came hard and She turned over and went right to sleep.

W/we may be working through O/our problems, but at least i know i know how to pleasure Mistress and get Her to relax enough to go right to sleep.

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