Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Formspring Me:Do you have any advice from a subby man to a woman who is new to being a Domme?

As a sub, i don't really think it is my place to be telling a soon to be Domme what to do. i really think your question would be better sent to my Mistress at Sensual Femdom.

But since you asked, i will give it my best shot.

i am assuming i am directing this to a woman. i would recommend first of all reading as many different male sub and Femdom blogs. No one couple has it right. Every situation is different, so You will have to pick piece from each blog to apply to Yourself.

Secondly, i would make sure there is a open line of communication. D/s is not for people who cannot communicate well. Make sure You know his limits and he knows Yours. Everything needs to be out in the open before You start down this road. Don't get frustrated if some of his limits are things You like. This will change and grow in time. There were things on my hard limits years ago that are on the "like" list. You just don't know.

Lastly, You need to decide together if this is just for play or the "real deal" Many of the bloggers i follow live the "real deal" as much 24/7 as possible. In those cases, it is so much more than what is going on in the bedroom. It is true submission and Domination.

It is a great lifestyle. Not for everyone. But i think more couples would be happier if they would just accept this dynamic in their existing vanilla relationship/

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