Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

At this time of year most people have made their resolutions and i guess many have already broken them. i feel that more time and thought probably needs to be given to these resolutions and that is the reason so m any of them fail. i have been thinking on and off over the holiday break what resolutions i was going make for 2009. Of course, i have the conventional ones like: spend less money, save more money, eat less, lose weight.  It seems they come and go every year. This year i felt i should have a separate set of resolutions for my Mistress. Things i would do or do better for Her. 

Another pitfall of these promises is that many of them are set up for failure. W/we are all imperfect(except Mistress). And being submissive male, i am even less perfect than half the population. So i feel that these covenants should be goals. Goals are measured points but set with realistic expectations. Many New Years resolutions are so lofty that most are never obtained. On the other hand, they cannot be so general that they cannot be measured.  So i have given some thought of some realistic goals i have for myself to better serve Mistress. To better show Her that She is the Queen in my life and i worship the ground Her beautiful feet walk on.  i have been working on these recently but i think it doesn't hurt to revisit them to help promote Her elevation.

1.)i will work to be more attentive to Her needs. To support Her and promote Her ideas and feelings.

2.)i will respond more directly to Mistress' commands and not indirectly question them with passive aggressive suggestions back.

3.)i will strive to be a open sub to all of Her ideas and work to be unfaltering in my dedication.

4.)i will try to dress and groom myself as to always please(and turn on) Mistress. Both in clothing and shaving of Her cock and my body. If i am able to turn on Mistress then i will have more opportunities for Her to cum and be pleasured.

5.)i will try to train my ass as to allow Her to enter it with whatever cock She so desires. To always be ready for when She wishes to fuck Her sluts ass.

7.)i would like to make an erotic video for Mistress to pleasure Herself to when i am not available. 

Okay, so the last one was more of a fantasy(maybe the 6th). But these are goals and i hope to add more as the year moves on. Here's to 2009.

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