Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fulfilled Mistress' Dream

In a previous post here, i wrote about a new milestone in my ability to please my Mistress. After Mistress taking Her cock three times i was able to last long enough for Her to get off on Her cock. Well, this vacation the bar was raised.

On Christmas morning, before everyone was awake, my cell phone went off and woke U/us up. It was my step-son calling about his Christmas gifts. After Mistress got off of the phone, She mentioned that She was in the middle of a hot dream. i think the phrase "Pound My Pussy" was mentioned in that dream. Needless to say, that got me going and eager to get an opportunity to fulfill that dream. 

The opportunity did not present itself until later in the vacation when the two of U/us got away for the night at a nice hotel. Before we settled in for the night W/we went shopping a a nearby Adult Store and Mistress purchased some bondage tape, handcuffs, and an inflatable anal plug. i was very excited about what Mistress had in mind for O/our evening away. 

Mistress started out the evening with having me strip naked and sit on the bed. She then handcuffed me so that i may not be tempted to touch Her then hard and excited cock. While i sat on the bed She took a shower and cleaned up. When The Beautiful Mistress came out, She un-cuffed me and had me get on my hands and knees so that She may full access to Her sub's ass. Mistress then proceeded to punish me for not listening to Her earlier in the week by spanking me with Her new tools, a riding crop and cat-o-nine tails. i always feel better after being put in my place by Mistress and knowing that the release of pain on my ass equals a release in Her displeasure. Every time She hits me, Her cock gets harder knowing that She is enjoying Herself and feeling better about Her dominance over me. 

After She was done doling out Her punishment, Mistress tied up my hands and broke out the anal plug for a test run. It has been a while since W/we have had any long term ass play, so She went easy. She warmed up Her sub's ass little by little with Her beautiful hands and then inserted Her new toy into me. She was able to get it in most of the way before stopping. Unfortunately, i was not able to take Her cock in it's entirety so that She could try out the inflatable portion. But, with Mistress' wisdom, She had applied some lidocaine to Her cock so that i would not prematurely cum while She was shoving Her hands in my ass. By the time Mistress had finished playing with my ass, Her cock had gone completely numb. But, not so numb that the excitement of time alone prevented Her from stroking the heck out of Her cock to get it erect. And then, the most satisfying thing ever happened. She got on top of Her cock and lowered Her now wet pussy on Her hard cock. The difference was that She could ride it as hard as She wanted and there wasn't any fear of me coming. It was beautiful to watch Mistress ride Her cock hard and fast(the way She loves it) and know that i was able to provide that pleasure for the first time. She used me like the little bitch sex toy i am. In the process, Mistress came 2-3 times this way. Each time, She rocked the bed sow hard that it kept making loud noises that made Mistress self conscious.

Not being used to riding that long, She felt it was time for me to the work. With my hands still bound, i was instructed to get on top and to "Pound Her Pussy". Yes, Her dream would come true. Again, with the new found freedom of a desensitized cock i was able to bring Mistress to orgasm several more times. Finally, after the second orgasm on top, i was able to get to the point of coming and Mistress granted me the privilege of releasing inside of Her. i think i saw stars when i came since Her cock was still partially numb and it prolonged the climax. 

i feel like i really served my purpose in that i was able to provide Mistress with Her real life dream come(cum) true. Nothing is more erotic than seeing your Mistress ride on top of Her cock and quiver with ecstasy with a new found sex toy that She can't wear out. The images of Mistress getting off over and over again will be forever burned into my brain. i look forward to when i can do this for Her again. 

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