Wednesday, May 25, 2011

t's fourth day-Part II

Ok…its' been too long…need to finish telling O/our story.

….t. had to suck my cock. Knowing how aroused i was he moved very slowly up and down on my member all while Mistress sat at my face kissing me and looking down on Her other sub sucking Her bitch's penis. i could tell that the sight of t. doing this was driving Her crazy. i mentioned to t. not to go too fast as i could blow at any second. Mistress was praising and instructing t. as he bobbed up and down carefully on my cock. After several times of warning that i was close, Mistress commanded t. to keep sucking and make me cum. t. followed instructions well and made me explode all in his mouth. Amazingly, he choked down the whole load.

Mistress was very happy with t.'s submission to Her and then proceeded to make out with him. She grabbed his head and started passionately kissing him. Now, Her head was spinning with passion and it seems She was not about to let the fun stop there. She has t. lay on his back while She kissed his cum stained mouth. Now, She wanted me to return the favor. Again, eager to please, i proceeded to slide my mouth on his very hard cock. i would lick it up and down and then alternate it with full penetration of my mouth. i didn't think Mistress could get any more turned on than She already was but it seems having Her full time bitch suck another man's cock was sending Her right off of the scale. She would continue to kiss him and then look down at me as i would look up at Her and we would lock eyes. i swear the temperature in the room kept getting hotter and hotter. One of Her hands was rubbing Her wet pussy during Her "real-life" gay porn and She managed to cum several times this way. Surprisingly enough, t. did not cum. Mistress then decided to take matters into Her own hands. She had me place a condom on his cock so that She could ride it for the first time. For whatever reason(nerves, too much stimuli, performance anxiety), t.'s cock went soft so W/we decided to take a break and have some dinner.

After sitting down and having dinner and watching a light-hearted movie and giving everyone time to cool down a little Mistress had me get undressed again. This time, i think She was going to rectify anything that didn't go great the first time during this visit. So Mistress had me lay down on our floor of mattresses and She got on my already hard cock again. This time, She was going to ride and show off in front of t. It was only a short time before Her wetness made me cum again. Not to be denied an orgasm, She then got on Her back and ordered t. to get naked and eat Her pussy. That indeed is a hot sight to watch the one you love get pleasured like She hasn't before. It sent me into really deep sub-space. i was then instructed to come kiss Her and suck on Her hard nipples while t.'s tongue brought Her to several orgasms. By now, t. was hard again and Mistress was going to take his cock weather he liked it or not. She had him lay on his back and i placed the condom on his stiff member. Mistress then lowered Her eager pussy on his cock while i assisted the penetration. i then sat back on the couch to watch, not trying to interfere with this special moment. Mistress was very pleased that he was plenty hard for Her and She rode him like She likes to ride me-Fast, deep, and hard. t.'s ability to stay off orgasm was impressive but i knew he would succumb to Her pussy. he got close and asked permission to release in which Mistress granted him that privilege. Then both came hard together in a flurry of pumping and thrusting. If i thought i was in sub-space before, i was really there now. The only regret being that i did not particulate in this event. But i was happy that they were able have this together at this special time.

Stay tuned for t.s last day. :-)


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  2. Tattourouge, thanks for reading. Come back often and keep the comments rolling!

  3. Oh my... so hot!!